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Campus Ministers: The future is here, listen to college-age Latinos

Thursday, November 29, 2018

This summer's El Futuro is Here conference was featured in the special higher education issue of National Catholic Reporter. From speaking with a number of participants in the conference, reporter Maria Benevento wrote that the keys of successfully serving Latino Catholic students is listening to their particular needs and building on the strong foundations of the Latino communities themselves.

John DeCostanza, director of University Ministry and one of the organizers of the conference, was quoted in the article. "That foundation is in popular religiosity, it's in accompaniment, it's in deep and warm and multifaceted relationships, it's in families and good food and really strong understanding that aspects of culture, be they carried by Spanish language or not...are integral parts of the Catholic experience for Latinos and those things that need to be celebrated, honored and supported," he said.

El Futuro is Here was held at Dominican University July 31 - August 2 and included more than 150 representatives from colleges and universities across the country.