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Dominican Supports Immigrant Students

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In light of what is going on in our world socially, politically, financially and culturally, Dominican reiterates how it has been and is leading by example. 

For years now Dominican has been seen as a safe place for all regardless of faith, culture, ethnicity and race and most importantly legal status. In this video, four undocumented students from the class of 2019 share their hopes for the future and give testament to the support Dominican has offered them.

​​Diana Hernandez, biology major, Erick Mendoza, psychology and political science major, Juan Garcia, graphic design major and Areli Aragon, biology major, speak for those who feel they have no voice. They talk about their experiences as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. Most importantly, they highlight how DACA is vital for them and how grateful they are to be at a place like Dominican.  

To watch the video click here​. ​