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Adrian Kok

Associate Professor Graduate School of Social Work

Adrian Kok coordinates the gerontology certificate program in the Graduate School of Social Work. He has been the principal investigator for three major grants to infuse more gerontology work into the general social work curriculum and to develop a gerontology certificate program. In 2008, the school received a grant from the New York Academy of Medicine and the John A. Hartford Foundation to implement the rotation field model in internships with aging adults. His current research focuses on the use of technology by older adults, the impact of curricular gerontology infusion, and IT infusion into the social work curriculum. He has been researching how the infrastructure of nursing homes, retirement communities and senior centers can be used to promote technology use. Kok participated in an international collaboration in which senior residents from a retirement community in Champaign, IL communicate via Skype with senior citizens in Beijing, China. He has served as a CDI mentor for the Center for Gerontological Social Work Education, to assist social work programs infuse gerontology into their curricula. He has also been appointed as a mentor to help accredited social work programs in the Midwest develop the Hartford rotation model of field internships. He is in the process of establishing field internships for Dominican social work students and a faculty exchange program in China.

Technology and older adults
social work and older adults
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