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financial literacy

Kathleen Odell, co-director of the Brennan School’s Center for Global Peace through Commerce, co-authored a report for the Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network​ that surveys the research on the effectiveness of savings groups in aiding the estimated 2.5 billion people around the world who have no access to formal banking services. Image courtesy Jeff Ashe.

Dominican University undergraduate business students helped teach eighth graders from Chicago Jesuit Academy about financial literacy on Friday, November 8. 

During the workshop, a collaboration between the School of Education and Brennan School of Business, Dominican students talked to the eighth graders about credit scores, savings, interest and how to manage finances. 

In addition, the 20 eighth graders toured the campus and met with a panel of faculty and students. 

Dave Aron, associate professor of marketing and director of undergraduate programs in the Brennan School of Business, was among a panel of experts who weighed in on the issue of financial literacy in the United States.

Dominican University announced on Thursday, December 2 a $3 million donation from U.S. Bank. In recognition of this generous support, the university’s Center for Economic Education has been renamed the U.S. Bank Center for Economic Education.

In a press release, University President Donna Carroll, stated that the new partnership is positive from all sides.

Despite signs of economic recovery, it seems like the list of problems standing in the way of a secure financial future for the U.S. is getting longer by the day. From out-of-control student loan debt and habitual consumer overleveraging to Medicare insolvency and an overcomplicated tax code, we clearly have a lot to figure out in a political landscape that’s far from conducive to progress.