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Four graduate students in Dominican University’s School of Education received Oppenheimer Family Foundation Grants in 2012 to bring innovative programming into their Chicago Public School classrooms.

The students are participants in Chicago Teaching Fellows, a highly selective alternative certification program to train accomplished professionals and recent college graduates to teach in disadvantaged Chicago Public Schools.

(RNN) - Each school year, a small percentage of parents choose to keep kindergarten-age children out of school for an extra year in hopes of giving them an edge.

The practice is called "academic redshirting," a term borrowed from college sports for when student-athletes sit out a year to hone their skills and improve their chances for playing time.

Statistics show the practice is unlikely to improve children's academic performance or give them a social or physical edge for very long.

But that doesn't mean it might not be the right thing for your kid.

Despite signs of economic recovery, it seems like the list of problems standing in the way of a secure financial future for the U.S. is getting longer by the day. From out-of-control student loan debt and habitual consumer overleveraging to Medicare insolvency and an overcomplicated tax code, we clearly have a lot to figure out in a political landscape that’s far from conducive to progress.

EAST CHICAGO | Jennie D. Bell needs a sports car at the fast rate she is going places.

Bell recently graduated from Dominican University in River Forest, IL with a 3.77 GPA and is now on her way to Valparaiso University to purse a law degree.

"I loved my educational journey," said Bell. "I have always enjoyed school and felt it's what I need to be doing. I take my education very seriously."

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The University of St. Thomas today made history by choosing a new leader who is not a priest. The St. Paul-based school has named Julie Sullivan, 55, to replace Father Dennis Dease, who steps down later this year as president.

Sullivan is the first lay person and the first woman to head the school in its 128-year history. Dease, 69, is retiring on June 30.

River Forest, IL — Dominican University has been ranked in the top 10 of best Catholic colleges in the country by, a web database providing insight and knowledge to help students and their families make informed decisions about higher education. considers acceptance rates, enrollment, test scores, student and faculty surveys, independent research and ranking systems when evaluating thousands of colleges across the country. 

Marie Masterson, assistant professor of education, recently appeared on WFSA-TV to discuss the growing phenomenon of academic redshirting, in which parents hold back young children to give them an edge in school.