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Dominican Student Discusses Interfaith Connections

Friday, November 22, 2019

​Iyleah Hernandez, a double major in mathematics and computer science, experienced a turnaround in her thought process after becoming involved in the campus interfaith coffeehouse. She shared her experience with the Christian Science Monitor.

In an article titled "Cancel Cultures' Flip Side: GenZers befriend political foes," college students discussed how engaging in interfaith dialogue served as a means of countering "cancel culture," a growing phenomenon in which mostly left-leaning young people shun or socially isolate their right-leaning peers. Hernandez came to Dominican as an agnostic, conservative Republican and decided to get involved with the university's interfaith coffeehouse. She began making new friends and having meaningful conversations with students holding different views than her own. She also found herself defending the religious beliefs of classmates. 

"That was when I started thinking about, you know, how is the way in which I kind of express myself--how could that be harmful to somebody who is of a different faith?" she said. 

Her experiences with the interfaith coffeehouse, as well as her relationships with Dominican's Sisters, have led her to embrace her family's Catholicism and she is now planning to be baptized in the spring. ​

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