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Brennan School of Business Faculty Featured as Expert in US News & World Report

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Anne Drougas, chair of accounting, finance and entrepreneurship at Dominican's Brennan School of Business, was quoted in a US News & World Report article on the current state of the General Electric Company.

The focus is General Electric Company's financial troubles—a plummeting 60% drop in market cap, from $290 billion in the last quarter of 2016 to $117 billion only 18 months later and falling stock price, from $31 per share in 2016 to $13 per share. Most importantly, the article touches on General Electric Company's dividend payments, something on which it had built a solid reputation, and how they were slashed in half, from 24 cents per share to 12 cents.

Drougas offers insight on how the company can improve the state of its dividends.  

"Perhaps dividends will never be the same, however, if GE can lower its debt by a strong stock buyback program and creating brand identity, GE could begin to slowly increase its dividend again," says Drougas.

You can read the full article here​.  ​