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President Donna Carroll Receives Cornerstones Award from Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dominican University President Donna Carroll has been recognized with the inaugural Cornerstones Award by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, the university's founding order. The award will be given each year to a woman who exemplifies by her life and service the qualities of the order's four founding sisters, who faced adversity with an abundance of hope, courage and commitment to a shared mission and deep faith in the providence of God. 

Donna Carroll has served as Dominican University's first lay president since 1994. During her 24-year tenure, she has successfully bridged the traditions of the university's past with the realities of today's academic environment. Under her leadership, the university has experienced unprecedented growth in student enrollment, faculty hires, degree programs, building construction and operating budget. 

Founded as a women's college in Wisconsin in 1901, the university continues to be guided by the sisters' commitment to social justice, rigorous education and diversity of thought.

Donna will be formally presented with the Cornerstones Award on Saturday, February 10 during evening Vespers at the Sinsinawa Mound in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin.