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David Jones appears on Chicago Tonight as preview of Geyer Lecture at Dominican

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

David Jones, deputy managing editor of Voice of America, appeared on WTTW's Chicago Tonight program on November 14 as a prelude to his Georgie Anne Geyer Lecture at Dominican on November 16. Jones discussed the VOA's role in sharing accurate news about the United States throughout the world. The VOA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

VOA began broadcasting in 1942 in an effort to counter Nazi propaganda. Today, it is the United States' largest international broadcaster, reaching more than 236 million people in 40 languages through 2,500 affiliates around the world.

According to Jones, the government-sponsored VOA, which is celebrating its 75 anniversary this year, has a charter mandating that it remain objective and impartial, represents a diverse array of viewpoints. "Any hint of (propanda) and there would be a sort of insurrection in the newsroom," he said.

You can watch Jones' segment here.