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Melissa Carr

Assistant Professor of Apparel Design & Merchandising, Director, Apparel Merchandising

Melissa Carr started her professional career in the retail environment. She is the president of Organic Panic Baby, a website that features organic clothing products for babies. Her academic research focuses on exploring the viability of creating an enterprise social networking system designed to connect the key constituents of the higher education community (fashion management, design and arts management students and instructors), local businesses, cultural organizations, and public sector organizations within the creative industries of Chicago. Carr teaches courses at Dominican in visual merchandising, fashion markets and retail buying. She is a member of National Association of Retail Buyers (NARB), International Textile & Apparel Association (ITAA), American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA), and Fashion Group International, Chicago (FGI).

social networking in the retail industry
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Fine Arts 301
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