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What MCAT score do you require for consideration into your program?

We do not consider MCAT scores in determining admission to the program.  

What do professional schools consider for admission?

GPA (cumulative and science), standardized test scores, personal statement and overall application, clinical and research experience, and interviewing skills. DU's Post-Baccalaureate Medical Studies BMS program addresses all of these aspects. 

How long is this program?

The length of study depends upon your previous coursework and your career goals. The BMS, 34 credit hours, can be completed in 2–3 semesters; however, many students need or want additional coursework prior to applying to graduate programs. Due to the sequential nature of many science courses, those with no previous science background may take 2 full years of classes to prepare to apply to a graduate program. Advisors will tailor your coursework to what best serves your particular situation.

How much does the program cost?

For the academic year 2022–2023, tuition is $1005 per credit hour; the BMS requires 34 credit hours to complete.

Are there any opportunities for research?

Yes. Within various departments of the university there are research opportunities available. Independent research is also encouraged and supported. There are ample opportunities to present research findings within the program as well as at local symposia. 

Are there any volunteer/leadership opportunities?

Endless volunteer opportunities are available in River Forest, nearby Oak Park and downtown Chicago. Check out Volunteer Match. In addition, we have a very successful MEDLIFE chapter. This group of 20 to 40 students travels annually to provide basic medical care to impoverished communities in Peru or Ecuador. We also have a thriving MAPS (Minority Association of Premedical Students) chapter, and an active chapter of AMSA (American Medical Student Association).  

Do I need to wait to apply until my first bachelor's degree has been conferred?

No. We encourage you to apply whenever you are ready. We will be able to evaluate your application prior to completion of your first bachelor’s degree. Enter the remaining classes you will be taking in the electronic portion of the application and mark as "In Progress". Send your current transcripts to PostBacCAS. We will require your final transcript once your coursework is completed.

Can I get a waiver of the application fee?

No, all applications are processed through PostBacCAS. We do not directly offer any fee waivers. 

Where do I send transcripts to be considered with my application?

Please visit PostBacCAS for all application requirements. We do not accept any materials sent directly to Dominican University.  Transcripts and any supporting documents must be submitted through the centralized application system.

Will I get a letter of recommendation for professional school from a committee?

You can always ask individual professors to write you individual letters at their discretion. In addition, most students request a committee letter. For this letter, you will ask several professors to contribute to the letter and we compose it, using relevant excerpts, and send it along. The committee letter is very personalized and thorough. There is a system for requesting the letters, having them written, monitoring the progress, and sending them to the professional schools. All of this information is available to current students.

Do you have spring enrollment? Are there summer classes?

Yes, we do offer a spring enrollment.  Our program has two start options:

  • SPRING 2023 with classes scheduled to begin on January 9, 2023 and orientation to take place Friday, January 6.

  • FALL 2023 with classes scheduled to begin the last week of August, 2023 and orientation to take place the Thursday before classes begin.

In terms of summer, we have a few options available each year but the majority of the coursework is in fall and spring semesters.

How many students are in the program? What is your success rate? 

We maintain an enrollment of approximately 50 students. In terms of "success rate"; we have an 85+% rate of matriculation into medical, physician assistant and dental programs. If you also consider those students who matriculate into specialized master's programs and high-level research and/or clinical positions, our success rate is over 95%. These statistics are for students who complete the program as advised.

Does Dominican have any linkage agreements with professional and graduate schools?

No, however, we do have articulation agreements with several schools and strong working relationships with many other professional and graduate schools. Schools with articulation agreements do guarantee an interview, but there are no guarantees in terms of acceptance.

Do you offer night classes? I plan to work full-time while I complete the  program.

The majority of our courses take place during daytime hours. It is nearly impossible to maintain full-time employment while in this program. Students who work typically do so during weekends or evening hours only.

Are the courses in this program merely undergraduate courses that are already filled with undergraduates?

Some courses, yes, are available to both undergraduates and post-bacc students. The post-bacc students are fully integrated members of the university community and are a welcome addition to classes serving a variety of students. There are also several post-bacc-only courses. These include: Advanced Pathophysiology, Histology, Clinical Preceptorship, Medical Ethics and the Law, and Medical Sociology.

Do you offer MCAT Prep courses? 

All content for the MCAT is taught in courses; most of our students self-study or take a commercial course for more comprehensive preparation.

Do you offer advising/help with applications/personal statements? 

Yes. The greatest strength of our program is in our advising. Your advisors are seasoned physicians/clinicians who are experts at helping students achieve their goals. We also offer training in interviewing and networking.