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Who You Gonna Call? Professor Talks "Ghostbusters" at 30

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When you need a pop culture expert to weigh in on the legacy of Ghostbusters, who you gonna call? 

CarrieLynn Reinhard, assistant professor of communications, and self-described "big fan of the film" was quoted in a USA Today piece examining the legacy of the classic comedy, which turned 30 this year. 

CarrieLynn Reinhard

"The movie's staying power lies in that intersection of the comedic genius, the originality and the psyche of a child," Reinhard said."As kids, we would sneak looks at the horror films our parents would watch, and there were horror elements being brought into our movies (thanks to the formation of the PG-13 rating). 

"But here was a comedy about a subject traditionally meant only as horror — ghosts. Ramis, Reitman, et al., gave us the scares and thrills we love from horror (even if they do keep us up at night scared of our dark bedroom) with the adventure and comedy of the big movies we were being groomed on." 

Reinhard regularly dissects film, video games, social media and other cultural phenomena on her blog, Playing, With Research and on Twitter @MediaOracle

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