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VIDEO: Professor Explores Google Glass

CarrieLynn Reinhard Explores Google Glass

Google Glass from DominicanU on Vimeo.

Will Google Glass, the questionably fashionable eyewear with a computer and internet connectivity built-in, become a big thing in wearable technology?

As part of the Explorer program, which enabled limited purchasing of Glass by individuals and organizations interested in investigating the product's possibilities, Dominican's IT Department acquired a pair a few months ago.

CarrieLynn Reinhard, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences, checked out the technology to broadly analyze the potential of wearable computing and to look more specifically for opportunities to use Glass in Dominican classrooms.

"There's a lot of potential. It does, though, require the development of apps, which could be more potential for our students," Reinhard says. "We do have a class that has students develop apps. They could develop education apps specific for Dominican."

Google created a stir by announcing that Glass would go on sale to the public for one day only on April 15.

Read Reinhard's interview about the project in the Christian Science Monitor.

"So there are a lot of different things we could do with it," Reinhard says. "We first have to know what is the potential of the device, what are the limitations and the affordances of it, an​d then we also have to be paying attention to the social, cultural and legal aspects of these devices to see whether or not they will actually become the next thing in wearable computing."