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Statement Regarding Family Separation at Our Border

The Dominican University community is heartbroken and appalled by recent images of parents and children being forcefully separated as they attempt to enter the United States from Mexico. We support the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ statement condemning the U.S. administration’s policy of zero tolerance for immigrants seeking asylum in our country.

Dominican University was founded to prepare students to pursue truth in order to participate in the creation of a more just and humane world. At the heart of that mission is a respect for the dignity of every human being. It was a prophetic understanding of the importance of family, in shaping character and transmitting culture, that distinguished the founding of the original frontier school almost 200 years ago. Today, Dominican University, as a sanctuary campus, continues to advocate for the safety of students and families whose human rights have been compromised by unjust policy.

Therefore, we join millions of other Americans in calling for a more compassionate response to the current crisis at our border. In addition, as educators and stewards of history, we express profound concern that this policy of family separation, if not recalled, introduces another dark chapter in American history when people of color are isolated and intimidated.