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Christina Perez discusses sexual harassment on ABC-TV's Newsviews

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christina Perez, associate professor of sociology and director of Dominican's Women and Gender Studies program, appeared on ABC-TV's Newsviews program on Sunday morning, December 10 to address the current wave of sexual harassment allegations in the workplace. Appearing with her was Juan Perea, a law professor at Loyola University.

"This is not something that is incredibly recent," Christina said. "These protections were first brought in 1964 as part of the Civil Rights Act and sexual harassment law is actually something that came out of second wave feminism. As more women moved into the public workforce, there were lawyers who simultaneously had to develop protections as women were experiencing all sorts of barriers in the workplace. They were able to use the Civil Rights Act, which offers this general protection, to legislate."

Christina advised that this new focus on an old problem shows us that sexual harassment is something we need to continually monitor and address.

You can watch the segment here.