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Gifted and Talented: Weeks 1 and 2

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The first two weeks of the Gifted and Talented Program here on campus have been a success. The popular program offers students the ability to have fun while continuing to challenge themselves during the summer months. Week 1 (June 19-23) and Week 2 (June 26-30) were filled with a variety of exciting courses sure to match everyone’s interests. With over twenty creative courses to choose from, participants were guaranteed a blast.      

One course worth highlighting in the first week was Fairytale Trails: Legal Eagles (photo above). In this course students were able to learn about the judicial process through the examination of fairy tales. Participants learned about trial procedures and skillful mediation techniques, utilizing collaboration and improvisation. They took on the roles of plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers and judges to determine the cases of classic fairy tale trials.

In week two, The Great Debate was the one to remember. This interactive class allowed participants to assert themselves and express their viewpoints by participating in organized debates. One of the major goals was to give students some background on debate techniques and formats used in middle school debate clubs and competitions they may want to engage in once the school year starts up again. Participants were able to develop and improve their writing, critical analysis and public speaking skills.